Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 1

Pemerintah Kota Bandung
Dinas Pendidikan

SD Negeri Derwati
Jl. Derwati No. 40 Kec. Rancasari

Silahkan di-copas contoh soal dibawah ini, yang penting bermanfaat bagi kita semua:

MATA PELAJARAN : BahasaInggris
KELAS : V (Lima)

Read the text carefully!

My Birthday

My name in Sarah. My birthday is on august the ninth. Now I am eleven years old. My brother, Dean, is eight years old. His birthday is on April the fourth. On my birthday, my father usually gives me a birthday present. Sometimes on my birthday we go to the beach.

I. Choose the correct answer based on the text above! (for no. 1-5)

1. When is Sarah Birthday?

A. It is September the ninth
B. It is on April the fourth
C. It is August the ninth
D. It is August the fifth

2. Does Sarah's father give Sarah a birthday present on her birthday?
A. Yes, he does
B. Yes, he is
C. No, she doesn't
D. No, he isn't

3. How old is Sarah now?   

A. She is eleven years old
B. She is ten years old
C. She is eight years old
D. She is nine years old

4. When is Dean's birthday?  
A. It is on August the ninth
B. It is on April the fourth
C. It is on April  the fifth
D. It is on April the ninth

5. Where do they go on Sarah's birthday?

A. They go to the cinema
B. They go to the mall
C. They go to restaurant
D. They go to the beach

II. Chose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c or d!

6. Whice is the correct question of time?

A. What is your phone number?
B. What time is it?
C. How old are you?
D. What time it?

7. What time is it?

A. it is nine o'clock
B. it is seven o'clock
C. it is twelve o'clock.
D. it is eight o'clock

8. What time is it?

A. a quarter to two
B. a quarter to three
C. a quarter to one
D. a quarter to four

9. Today is thursday. what day is tomorrow?

A.  tomorrow is wednesday
B.  tomorrow is friday
C.  tomorrow is saturday
D.  tomorrow is monday

10. What is the month before September?

A. It is November
B. It is October
C. It is December
D. It is August

III. Fill in the blanks with the right answer!

11. What is it?

12. It eleven

Bookstore opening
8 a.m - 7 p.m.

13. What time does the bookstore open?

14. 13.00 equals......p.m.
15. Today is sunday. What day was yesterday?.................